What is the Best Major to Become a Therapist?

Learn about the best major for becoming a therapist, including psychology and social work. Understand how studying psychology as an undergraduate can help prepare you for graduate school.

What is the Best Major to Become a Therapist?

If you are looking to become a therapist, then you should consider specializing in psychology or a related field. Earning a degree that provides you with an understanding of the principles and practices of psychology will help you prepare for graduate school and, eventually, for a career as a licensed therapist. A major in psychology or social work can give you the strong foundation you need to succeed in graduate school. Studying psychology as an undergraduate student will give you an introduction to the field and will meet the basic requirements for a graduate program in psychology.

If you want to pursue graduate studies at the same institution where you completed your undergraduate studies, specializing in a psychology-related field will also help you get to know people who could be your teachers or classmates in graduate school.

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